Welcome to 2017! @67Blankets


It is a new year, everybody! Welcome back! Hope you all had a wonderful festive season.

Did you get any woolworks done this holiday? All those lazy hours by the pool or on the beach….tell me! I must confess, I could have done more, but I was just too busy relaxing! However, our lady of Wool, Carolyn Steyn, did NOT forget her creative cap at home. She finished her first pledged blanket, despite enjoying a lovely family getaway! Truly an inspiration, this leader of ours!



In addition to having finished her own blanket, Carolyn received 3 blankets from our representatives in  India!


Indian superwoman, Rani Thomas, is currently at work in her country, inspiring the beautiful knitwits of India to complete their 100 pledged blankets for our Mandela Portrait Blanket.

And now: a VERY IMPORTANT announcement: Do mark April 24, 2017 IN RED on your calendars! That is THE BIG DAY when we plan to display the creative genius of all our knitwits in the 67 Blankets for Nelson Mandela Day-family  AND YOU ARE INVITED!

Just in case the holidays managed to dull your memories, here is what all knitwits are invited to do: crochet or knit blankets measuring 160cm/160cm before April 2017. Your contribution will form part of an enormous blanket that will measure 4515 square metres. The result will only be visible from the air and will show the portrait of our beloved Nelson Mandela. It will be displayed at Steyn City to commemorate 23 years of freedom AND his birthday.


You can be part of this remarkable event. Pledge your blanket TODAY and help us create the  biggest picture blanket EVER.

REMEMBER: you can either pledge a blanket or make squares measuring 20cm/20cm in the required colors. If you can’t knit or crochet, you are also welcome to donate wool or sponsor someone you know who can craft squares/blankets.

For updates on this project visit our FB page here: bit.ly/2cXuywW.

Want more information? Please send an email: click here or get in touch with your local ambassador (visit www.67blankets.co.za for ambassadors’ details).

Alternatively you can complete the contact form below and we’ll get back to  you ASAP.



























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