Doing their bit for @67Blankets at #Tlhokomelang


Just two weeks ago Kabelo collected donated wool from me and look how far the group has come!! She took the initiative when she noticed that the elderly in the community was becoming a bit bored and feeling unworthy. As they already had the skills to crochet, I thought doing something for 67 Blankets will be perfect to fill their empty hours.

Well, both the ladies and the gentleman surprised me with their enthusiasm.

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Thank you to the elderly at Thlokomelang in Mabopane for doing your bit to give back to the community.

Robert, who donated the wool would be so pleased to know that it is being put to good use. Very soon I’ll be making a trip to the centre to pick up the squares, which will be sewn into blankets to give warmth and comfort to the needy.





The anatomy of asking in nonprofit management

If you are like me, asking for help is REALLY hard. In a nonprofit asking for donations means survival of the cause.

Strange then that I chose this job, isn’t it? Me, who always want to do  things on my own.

These days, with the world economy in shambles, asking is especially difficult. The thing is, the worst that could happen is that someone say ‘no’ and you should not take it personally. Many people would love to help, but they can barely get by themselves, so one needs to have a little empathy for that.

The point is, if you DON’T ASK you will never get ANY donations. So ask, and leave it at that. Don’t expect people to give, because they don’t owe you or your cause anything. What they give will be straight from the heart and you need to respect that and show appreciation.

I share this infographic I found, showing you the ‘secrets’ of asking in the right way to get donors interested in your cause.



Image via Nonprofit Hub.

Menstrual Health Matters

Dignity Dreams Image 1

We may have lost a dear friend and mentor, but I’m sure Sandra Millar will agree that we should NEVER let her dream die. Let us keep on supporting Dignity Dreams and help those girls who are still shunned from society because it’s ‘their time of the month’.

We talk about empowering women, this is the first step, showing our new generation there is NO SHAME IN MENSTRUATION.

Did you know that many girls still use paper towels, many stay home from school and lose precious education, because of something that happens naturally to every woman? Many girls are ashamed of the fact that they are having their period (I was one of them). There is NO NEED for that to happen anymore and, with the prices of sanitary napkins these days, these girls have to make do with what they have. Sandra and her team solved that problem with reusable sanitary napkins and education on the matter.

You can make a difference TODAY. Donate online (click here) or get in touch with the offices at Dignity Dreams if you would like to contribute to this cause. Alternatively, get in touch with me via e-mail here and I’ll help you to show girls that having your period is NOT a shame, you need not be ‘marked’ as impure, it is just part of a natural process and something they cannot control.

Dignity Dreams image 2

The courageous Sehera, Sweet 16 summit is climbing Kilimanjaro to raise funds for Dignity Dreams. All funds raised will be used for our washable sanitary packs and #NoShame Booklet.
Donate TODAY – use the Zappa Code on the image or contact Dignity Dreams on and support her in her efforts to raise awareness.

Please note that the account details for Dignity Dreams have changed (see image below).

DignityDreams Image 3

Always in memory of our dear Sandra Millar….this ship will keep on sailing.

Dignity Dreams Image 4

If you have any queries or questions, feel free to complete the contact form below.