How crocheting #octopi for newborns helps them thrive via #lifeforafricanmothers

@lifeforafricanmothers  on Instagram says:

This is incredible – So why are people crocheting Octopi for Premature Babies ? We asked ourselves the same thing……. It is thought the tentacles remind babies of the umbilical cord, and being in their mother’s womb, making them feel safer. This promoted better breathing and more regular heartbeats as well as higher levels of oxygen in their blood. 

They also found that babies cuddling an octopus were less likely to try to pull out their monitors and tubes. 

Thank you knitters, Thank you science, Thank you newborns! #babiesofinstagram #baby #children #science  #neonatal #pregnancy #neonatalmortality #octopus #lifesaving 

See original post here:


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