Happy Birthday Madiba!


As we celebrate Mandela Day, I would like to challenge you, my readers, to NOT think of this as a one-day-a-year-thing. I want you to make EVERY single day Mandela Day.

We live in a society that simply does not care. All you have to do is read or watch the news. Recently someone shared a video on social  media of a man beating a woman while a crowd of people look on. Oh, they did manage to grab their phones and start videotaping the attack! What struck me, was the fact that NO ONE HELPED HER!! No one reached out and tried to stop the man, even when she tried to fled and he pulled her back by her hair.

This had nothing to do with courage, though, this has EVERYTHING to do with the attitude of  ‘this is not my business’, and I HATE THAT! Of course it is your business! When one person hurts another, it is your DUTY to step in. When a person abuses an animal, it is ALSO your duty to stop him or her. Don’t you realize that, if you do nothing, and that person or animal is killed, you have their blood on your hands? Not caring is just NOT AN OPTION.

Referring now to the quote above: do you think that crowd respected that woman’s right to freedom? I don’t think so. If you think you’ve made your peace with your past, those chains of horror, fear, oppression and hate, but continue to disrespect others, not allowing them their right to that same freedom, you are still bound. YOU ARE NOT FREE. The sad thing is, it is by your own decision that you keep those chains around you. You can decide to let go, you can free your arms and hands and reach out to serve those around you with love and kindness. You can become a shining light in our dark society.

Ask yourself this: does your life give others the opportunity to live with respect and dignity? How do you treat other living things? I say ‘living things’, because I am convinced that in a society that refuses to value the life of an animal, we cannot expect respect for human life. Do you turn a blind eye or do you reach out to help?

Are you up for the challenge of doing a random act of kindness every day? I do hope so. Start now, reach out, and remember, it is not WHAT or HOW MUCH you do, it is that you CARE TO DO ANYTHING AT ALL.

Have a beautiful day!!

P.S. Watch this blog for our upcoming ‘Kindness Challenge’.


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