#AugustKindnessChallenge #Day31

Day 31

Today it is our turn to thank you. Thanks for following this series of challenges with me and thank you for taking part. With simple acts of kindness, you have changed lives this August.

Watch the slideshow below to recap what you’ve been doing this month.

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This is, however, not yet the end….if you’ve done your daily challenge and took photographs, please share it with us. If you want to tell your own ‘kindness story’, please do so. E-mail to: ilzehallidayfoundation.sharon@gmail.com with header: #AugustKindnessChallenge.

Alternatively, complete the contact form below, share your story in comments and submit.

Once again, friends, we do SO appreciate the fact that you cared enough to take part in this month long challenge. I hope you enjoyed it as much as we did.

God bless!

Remember, complete the form below to share your kindness story.


#AugustKindnessChallenge #Day30

Day 30

I know you’ve noticed the spring flowers, the fresh smells in the air…yes, summer is on it’s way. It is time for you to clear out wardrobes and make room for new, lighter clothing to wear in the warm, warmer, HOT AS HELL-months that lie ahead.

Use this opportunity to sort your clothes. Those that you don’t want or wear anymore, donate it to charity. Did your children outgrow their clothes? Box it and drop off at your church or organization that constantly needs clothes to distribute in the communities they serve.

Old blankets or linen? Toys, books, furniture? Anything you don’t want or need anymore will be a welcome contribution that can help make someone else’s life easier.

Don’t know where to take it? If you are in South Africa I can help, just complete the form below and I’ll tell you where to drop off your donated items. International readers, please contact your local Oxfam, charity shop or church.