#AugustKindnessChallenge #Day7

Day 7

Day 7: Give someone a hug.

Now, I’m not saying you should hurry to that girl or boy you had your eye on for months and just hug and hug! Or even to grab a stranger on the street! You may be charged with someone unmentionable!!

No, look around you, in your office, at home, at school, I’m sure you will see someone who looks like they can do with a hug. Go right ahead and, if you are not a ‘hugger’, give the person’s shoulder a squeeze. Just show them that you noticed and that everything will be allright in the end.

I believe that, through touch, we can transfer a sense of strength to another person. You show you care, that they are worthy of being touched.

I once heard someone say that hugging is a gift you give, that you get back immediately, because by hugging or touching another person, his/her energy transfers to you in turn.

Come on, try it, you may be surprised at the results!


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