‘The little Optimist’: Your purchase, our gift


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Purchase a copy of The Little Optimist and a Santa Shoebox beneficiary child will receive a copy for free! Save the date to meet Greg Bertish at the CTICC on Saturday 11 November, and have your copy signed.



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67 Blankets: #MMM Deadline

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Oh yes, people, the deadline is looming ever closer! All your #MMM-blankets must be handed in by 15 December 2017.

Wondering where we stand ‘blanket wise’? Have a look at the images above. These represent the #MMM stock as on 17 August.

Need I say more? Well, if you cannot properly see the figures in the picture, here it is:

88/964 Grey blankets – still need 876
16/480 Black blankets – still need 464
31/84 Red blankets – still need 53
13/76 Yellow blankets – still need 63
11/84 Blue blankets – still need 73
14/76 Green blankets – still need 62

We will have to get creative at the speed of light NOW if we want to make target by 15 December.

Just to remind you, here is the plan for the blanket itself. Have a look at the colour codes for the wool below.


The wool we use is Pullskein DK & Charity DK. The colour codes are as follows:

Light Grey (59) & Silver Grey (011)
Black (01) & Black (017)
Red (13) & Red (136)
Yellow (62) & Bright Yellow (138)
Royal Blue (05) & Royal Blue (008)
Bright Green (63) & Emerald Green (022)

Look at these beauties that were created by our enthusiastic knitwits:

Head office was also blessed by a financial donation from Telesure. They were able to purchase 5000 balls of grey wool with the funds.


So, my message to you today, if you’ve already finished a few #MMM’s (sounds like candy, doesn’t it?), thank you SO very much for your hard work. If you still plan to contribute a blanket, please start as soon as you can so that you don’t miss the deadline.


If you have any questions, do get in touch with head office via the website: www.67blankets.co.za. You can also look up your regional ambassador and give him or her a shout. Alternatively,  complete the contact form below and we’ll be in touch ASAP.

Have a greyt day, everyone!!

All images via @67 blankets on FB: bit.ly/2xTx5qH

Let me be your servant

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I have always loved this song. Don’t know which one of you will remember (probably the older generation will), but I recall us listening to the vinyl by ‘The Fisherfolk’ back in the day. Their rendition of this song was especially beautiful.

Today I discovered it again on YouTube and found it just so apt for the times we live in and the neverending work we, as God’s labourers, have to do.

This message comes from my heart to yours, friends. Even if my work among you never make an ounce of difference, if I miss your phone call or cannot source donations you asked for, I need you to remember that I am just a servant. I am the clay in the Potter’s hands and He will listen to every prayer.

Have faith and hope, because He knows you, He created you and He will never leave you. He NEVER misses a call or find it impossible to secure donors that can contribute funding or items to support you in your need.

Yes, you may wander off in strange directions and THINK that you’ve sinned so much that God could not possibly forgive you and help you again. You are SO wrong. No sin can survive in the glory of God’s love.

Of all things, love is the greatest. Love covers a multitude of transgressions and through love God forgives us. Therefore, I call on all of you to also be servants to each other. To BE there for each other, to encourage and support, to NOT be blinded by someone’s bad attitude towards you. Love each other and through that immense gift, we will conquer a sinful world and be the light that shines in these terrible, dark times.

God bless you all.


Video posted on March 19,2012 by justmeint1 on YouTube: youtu.be/uSG1qm5KT1c

Santa Shoebox Project: be part of the magic

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One week into pledging! Have you done yours yet?

Why not get your colleagues, school or business to do a bulk pledge? Want to know how? E-mail me at: ilzehallidayfoundation.sharon@gmail.com.

Look at these lovely boxes from Camps Bay High and be inspired.

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