Welcome to the Ilze Halliday Foundation’s WordPress blog.

I hope you will enjoy its content. As you may have noticed I’ve included news about a variety of charity organizations and fundraising tips, tools and ideas. I’ve wanted to make this NOT about my foundation alone, I’ve wanted to make it more universal so that the readers may be informed about everything that is going on in the world of non-profits. It is  my belief that we, as NPO’s should support each other in our battle against poverty, hunger, abuse, disease, violence, etc. After all, it is NOT about the name of a single organization, it is about the difference we can all make if we work together….as a team. This is the only way we may have in ever successfully saving the world from itself.

I trust that you will find this blog informative, educational and inspiring and that it will bring hope to those who suffer, showing them that there are indeed silent warriors out there, fighting for them.

Let me tell you a little bit about the Ilze Halliday Foundation:

I decided on founding this organization with the purpose of helping people around us who are less fortunate than most. I do not distinguish between race, age, gender, political orientation or religion…..poverty and disease don’t, so why should I?

Since childhood I’ve known that mine would be a life of service. I’ve always been the one to reach out to those who are ”different”, those who’ve been cast aside by society and their peers, those who suffer beyond our comprehension. Perhaps I did this, because I knew how it felt to be perceived as ”weird”, ”strange”, ”poor trailer trash” ….you know, not ”IT-crowd” material at all.

The world is filled with people going through similar experiences (and far worse)  today….people are judged by their skin color, their social standing, their intelligence, their age…..it seems that around every corner you’ll find someone in need of some compassion, an understanding shoulder to lean on….someone who has become ”invisible” to the rest of the world. Through my foundation I hope to change this, to make people SEE each other again.

This organization is, however, strictly ”small-fry”…..I’m not HUGE like Unicef, but I do try to help those that I am able to reach within my own community. I support various projects and other charitable organizations; most of which are in the Pretoria Metropolitan Area and in the townships North of the city. I also have nearly 20 orphanages, places of safety and impoverished daycare centers and community centers under my wing. I supply them with furniture, clothing, food, linen, educational supplies, and more….whatever people donate, I distribute among them. I found that people would more readily donate something if they know where it is going, therefore I act as go-between…the facility or project will call me and ask for donations, I place a request on social media, receive a donation of the particular item(s) and drop it off at the facility, always ensuring that I take photographs to show the donor that his/her donation has been safely delivered at the proper place where it will be put to good use.

Over the years I’ve been blessed by so many  kind people who donated their redundant items or money or time to a project or facility. Yet, every time I receive something it remains a heart warming and surprising experience…..I appreciate the kindness of others so much. To see that there is still some charity left in the world is nothing short of a miracle.

Charity, however, is not only in giving ”things”.  Oh, I know the people on the receiving end of it are thankful beyond measure and I’m sometimes overwhelmed by the generosity in the world. It always gives me great pleasure to hand over something that was donated and I know the donors also feel good about giving. However, the most important thing that one can give to another is kindness, caring….sometimes someone just needs the touch of a gentle hand, the smile of a friendly face….THAT is what makes this job so rewarding. To be able to give love to others, to share a quiet moment where you can transfer life-giving compassion….to let others know that you are there, in that moment, and that they count, they are important. And you know what? Kindness and caring are free for all, yet it is the most precious gift of all.

If you wish to help in any way, please complete the contact form below and I’ll get in touch ASAP.



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