Remember our BIG GET2GETHER on March, 9!!

6 March Sat 9 March Event at Chefs

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Yes, you are all invited!!

On Saturday, 9 March 2018, from 10:00 to 12:00, it is open season for all Pretoria Knitwits (and those visiting from other areas) at Chef’s in Garsfontein.

Come and meet our special guest, founder Carolyn Steyn, and have a chat with like minded wooligans about our mutual passion for this cause.

Share patterns and ideas and BE INSPIRED.

R.S.V.P. online here:, send me an e-mail at: or complete the contact form below.



Santa Shoebox Project 2017: are you joining us? @santashoebox

Oh yes, people, it is THAT time of year again! I can’t believe it, you know. It seems like Christmas 2016 was just yesterday. But, as they say, time waits for no one.

Are you going to be part of the Santa Shoebox movement this year? If not, I want to challenge you to pledge at least ONE box or give a donation of fillers (I’ll tell you all about that later in this post).

Officially pledging opens on 1 September, but that does not mean you cannot start collecting items for your box NOW.

And while you’re at it, why not encourage your colleagues or business to do a bulk pledge!! You can get in touch with one of our representatives (see here) and even join the team on celebration day. NOTHING measures up to the smiles you see on those little faces!

So why not drop in at the website and register (click here). All you need to fill a box are:

  • Toothpaste
  • Tooth brush
  • Bar of soap
  • Wash cloth
  • An outfit of clothing
  • Educational supplies
  • Sweets
  • A toy

Decorate your shoebox and find your local drop-off point here. Bring to us and we’ll do the rest.

If you are not a South African or Namibian resident, but still want to contribute, you can do so by supporting us financially. Click here to find out how.

For more information on the project, please visit the website: or complete the contact form below and I’ll get back to you ASAP.


#Zululand adventurer to run for #charity

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“AFTER his epic 2016 Cape-to-Cairo cycle, St Lucia-based adventurer Gaven Sinclair is once again set to embark on an adventure of a lifetime as he prepares for a trail run covering five southern African countries in 210 days.

While Gaven is an adventurer at heart, his trips are all in the name of charity. His goal is to raise awareness of, and funding for, Missing Children South Africa (MCSA).

Gaven will set off on his unsupported trail run on 1 September from St Lucia, heading towards Mozambique.” [Tamblyn: 2017]


JOLLY, Tamlyn.  2017.  Zululand adventurer to run across southern Africa for charity. [Web:] Zululand Observer.  [Date of Access: August 2, 107

@67Blankets for Nelson Mandela #PretoriaKnitwits warm #PretoriaResidents – #RekordNoord #SSS2017 #YesWeWool

Article photo in Rekord North

Image via Rekord Noord: by Corlia Kruger

You may very well remember that the Pretoria branch of 67 Blankets for Nelson Mandela Day did their bit of ‘warming the nation’ on Thursday, 13 July 2017.

We managed to gather at three different ‘hotspots’ across the city and decorated trees, fences, lampposts and more with bright and beautiful scarves.

The project was kept a secret until the day and is aptly called the ‘Secret Scarf Shhh…-mission’ or #SSS. The teams gathered in Sinoville, Mabopane and Hazeldean to do their thing and around 160 scarves were handed out to residents.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Thanks to generous donations from Vaheeda Hassan (Sinoville Fabrics) and Adri de Swardt from Zambesi Retirement Village, our local knitwits (Zambesi Retirement Village, Thlokomelang Community Centre) were able to create the most wonderful scarves in vibrant colours to share with the cold and lonely in our community.

You can read the article in Rekord Noord here.

If you would like to be part of this amazing initiative or if you can contribute to our cause by donating wool or funds for wool purchases, please complete the contact form below and we will be in touch. Note that ‘scrap wool’, left over from your own projects is more than welcome. Let us know if you have some.

For more information, visit 67 Blankets for Nelson Mandela’s website.








Happy Birthday Madiba!


As we celebrate Mandela Day, I would like to challenge you, my readers, to NOT think of this as a one-day-a-year-thing. I want you to make EVERY single day Mandela Day.

We live in a society that simply does not care. All you have to do is read or watch the news. Recently someone shared a video on social  media of a man beating a woman while a crowd of people look on. Oh, they did manage to grab their phones and start videotaping the attack! What struck me, was the fact that NO ONE HELPED HER!! No one reached out and tried to stop the man, even when she tried to fled and he pulled her back by her hair.

This had nothing to do with courage, though, this has EVERYTHING to do with the attitude of  ‘this is not my business’, and I HATE THAT! Of course it is your business! When one person hurts another, it is your DUTY to step in. When a person abuses an animal, it is ALSO your duty to stop him or her. Don’t you realize that, if you do nothing, and that person or animal is killed, you have their blood on your hands? Not caring is just NOT AN OPTION.

Referring now to the quote above: do you think that crowd respected that woman’s right to freedom? I don’t think so. If you think you’ve made your peace with your past, those chains of horror, fear, oppression and hate, but continue to disrespect others, not allowing them their right to that same freedom, you are still bound. YOU ARE NOT FREE. The sad thing is, it is by your own decision that you keep those chains around you. You can decide to let go, you can free your arms and hands and reach out to serve those around you with love and kindness. You can become a shining light in our dark society.

Ask yourself this: does your life give others the opportunity to live with respect and dignity? How do you treat other living things? I say ‘living things’, because I am convinced that in a society that refuses to value the life of an animal, we cannot expect respect for human life. Do you turn a blind eye or do you reach out to help?

Are you up for the challenge of doing a random act of kindness every day? I do hope so. Start now, reach out, and remember, it is not WHAT or HOW MUCH you do, it is that you CARE TO DO ANYTHING AT ALL.

Have a beautiful day!!

P.S. Watch this blog for our upcoming ‘Kindness Challenge’.

Are you ready?? #SSB2017


I know it is still two months before the lines open for pledging, but it is NEVER too early to start collecting items for your box!!

Do you still remember the drill?? Basic supplies  needed:

  • Stationery/educational supplies
  • Clothing
  • Soap
  • Toothbrush and toothpaste
  • Washcloth
  • Toy
  • Sweets

And, of course, you can use your imagination to fill the box even further AND decorate it.

Start collecting your items TODAY and REMEMBER, if you can donate some of the compulsory items in bulk, PLEASE DO SO!!

The team is busy collecting and uploading  namelists and this year we aim to bring joy to more than the usual 120 000 children  across South Africa and Namibia, so your help will be SO appreciated.

If your company or school want to lend a hand by pledging an entire facility’s boxes, DO get in touch. (Complete the contact form below and we’ll give you a call.)

So, guys (and girls) are you with  me?? Let’s DO this!!!

For more info, please visit

** Image:

(Complete the contact form if you need more info or if you want to get involved.)

Santa Shoebox Project | Share The Joy of Giving



Join the #SSS and help @67Blankets beat the chill #SouthAfrica #Charity


Let’s talk Secret Scarf Shhh…. Mission now!

Time is running out, knitwits and wooligans!! We need your scarves by the end of June.

If you haven’t yet started to knit or crochet your little gift of love and warmth, please do so ASAP!! Remember, if you can’t knit or crochet, you can always sponsor a craft-wise friend or family  member. There is NO SHAME in NOT being handy with the crochet needle!! Just corner your friend, purchase some Charity Wool and set him/her to work. Easy….and you will do your share to keep the people of South Africa nice and cozy this winter.

Click below to visit 67B on Facebook:

If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to get in touch. You can visit or complete the contact form below.