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These days, if a nonprofit (or any other business for that matter) does not have a social media profile or two, their chances tot get support from the community is basically zero.

People literally live online. Don’t believe me? When was the last time you had a peek at your cellphone to see what’s going on on Facebook or Twitter? Just look at people on the street, they are constantly staring at their devices’ screens. So much so that it has actually become dangerous. They bump into things and other people and would blindly walk into traffic, never missing a beat watching whatever is going on in the virtual world.

Having said that, for a nonprofit, having a social media profile or access to e-mail, is only the beginning. The question arises: how does one draw the attention of donors AND keep them interested?

Julia Campbell, the NPO/Social Media guru, has the answer: STORYTELLING!

Now, the secret is NOT to jump in and tell a ten-pager on how your nonprofit got started or how you want to raise funds for a specific purpose, NO! The secret is to write small info ‘snacks’. Remember, people in the digital era do not have time to read your 10 000 word post, they want to scan, get educated and get so interested that they want to return tomorrow for the next installment and then, hopefully, support you. You have to make it GOOD, make it GRAB their attention and make them WANT MORE.

Julia Campbell says: “According to research done by Waggener Edstrom, of social media users who support nonprofits online, 56 percent said that compelling storytelling is what motivated them to take action in the first place.” [JCSM]

Therefore, in order to encourage people to give to your cause, you need to be able to tell compelling stories and ms Campbell tells you how.

Read her article here.


CAMPBELL, Julia C.  2017. How to Create a Story Series for Your Nonprofit.  [Web:] JC Social Marketing:


#FreeTools to help create a #PRCampaign #nonprofit @thenonprofitcen by #JeffBaxt #NonprofitTools




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Most nonprofits I know in South Africa have receive the minimum funding. They mostly rely on donations from the public, which can often be few and far apart. Are you one of those??? Do you struggle to support your cause?

You can definitely up your exposure by launching a public relations campaign. I know, I can already hear you saying: “But we can hardly afford to keep the NPO afloat! How can we afford to launch an expensive and effective PR campaign?”

Jeff Baxt has the answer with five easy AND FREE tools you can use to get your PR campaign going.

Things like connecting on Social Media platforms and signing up for daily news are things we rarely think of when considering a PR campaign, however, Baxt shows you just how essential it can be in building relationships and keeping on top of news relating to your cause. You can read all about these five tools here.


BAXT, Jeff.  n.d. Five free things to help create a shoestring PR Campaign.  [Web:]  The Nonprofit Center at La Salle University’s School of Business.  [Date of Access:]  June 20, 2017.


The 50-50 #fundraiser, a sure-fire way to raise money via @Fundraise_Ideas #Charity #NPO

The 50 50 Raffle Fundraiser has got to be the easiest fundraising idea there is. It is honestly so simple and easy to setup, it’s quite remarkable!

So Why is it so Easy?

  • No stocking or selling products people don’t want,
  • No need to find or purchase prizes…
  • Just sell raffle tickets, and the winner receives 50% of the proceeds from the raffle sales!!! Or 50% is split between a few winners. For example, 30% for 1st prize, 15% for 2nd, and 5% for 3rd.

How simple and easy is that?!

Want to find out exactly  how to do this? Click here for full article.



REWARDING FUNDRAISING IDEAS. 2017.  50 50 Raffle Fundraiser: The Easiest Fundraiser Ever.  [Web:] Rewarding Fundraising Ideas.  [Date of Access:]  June 14, 2017.


The anatomy of asking in nonprofit management

If you are like me, asking for help is REALLY hard. In a nonprofit asking for donations means survival of the cause.

Strange then that I chose this job, isn’t it? Me, who always want to do  things on my own.

These days, with the world economy in shambles, asking is especially difficult. The thing is, the worst that could happen is that someone say ‘no’ and you should not take it personally. Many people would love to help, but they can barely get by themselves, so one needs to have a little empathy for that.

The point is, if you DON’T ASK you will never get ANY donations. So ask, and leave it at that. Don’t expect people to give, because they don’t owe you or your cause anything. What they give will be straight from the heart and you need to respect that and show appreciation.

I share this infographic I found, showing you the ‘secrets’ of asking in the right way to get donors interested in your cause.



Image via Nonprofit Hub.

Tips on running a successful fundraising campaign


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On the eve of the launch of our annual ‘Winter Warmer Campaign’, I want to share some insights about the 8 best ways to run a campaign.

Written by the skilled Allison Gauss,’s article roadmaps the campaign’s different phases, for instance:

1. A Skillful Soft Launch

2. Put the Campaign Brand Front and Center

3.Send Fundraisers a Tip Sheet

4. Create a Donation Page Branded to the Campaign

5. Set Up a Matching Period

6. Link Donations with Relevant Impact

7. Create a Campaign Video

8. Celebrate Successes – For You and Your Fundraisers!

All these phases are discussed in detail and, a bonus, you can download their Ultimate Campaign Planning Kit.

Click here to read the article and………ENJOY!!


Allison Gauss.  n.d.  8 Surefire Ways to Run a Successful Fundraising Campaign.  [Web:]  [Date of Access:] 23 May 2017.



Tips on attracting donors from ALL generation


It’s a new year and most NPO marketing managers are scratching their heads, asking: How can I attract donors from all generations. And, how do I keep them interested. Now, some of you, who has been in this business for a while, will think I’m  wasting my time with this article, but let me share a quick secret, I DON’T HAVE A CLUE!! And many of the organizations I work with are often so focused on just getting a donation, that they don’t even consider the fact that keeping donors and attracting new ones are paramount to a successful NPO.

Ronald Pruitt  explains: “Successful online fundraising often involves understanding the demographics of your potential donors and understanding what motivates them to give. Each generation living today grew up in a dramatically different world than the others. This will play a part in the method by which your nonprofit receives donations. Because of this, the key to marketing that reaches all generations is to recognize their differences and let that reflect in your marketing strategy.”  [2016]

He continues to discuss the various generations that exist today and how to approach them in a way that will resonate with them.

The article makes for VERY IMPORTANT reading for anyone planning a fundraiser or trying to enlist new  donors.

Read Pruitt’s article here and I can guarantee you will rethink your marketing/fundraising strategy.


PRUITT, Ronald.  2016.  4 A Good Cause: How  to attract  donors from all generations.  [Web:]  [Date of Access:]  January  5, 2017.


Easy steps to create a written #FundraisingPlan by @SandyRees


It is the end of the year and, as a non-profit, especially a recently founded one, volunteers, team members and managers will probably be heaving a collective sigh of relief…another year done and dusted and, thank goodness, over!

Yes, running a non-profit is NOT easy; it can be fun and satisfying, but easy, NEVER! I’ve been doing this for some time and, let me tell you, I still scratch my head in confusion,

irritation and utter exhaustion every single day. But, as I’ve learned (the hard way – I’m a very stubborn control freak and always want to do things MY way and, more often than not, on my own), planning is key to success.

Thing is, whether you run a business, NPO or NGO planning is EVERYTHING and (now this can be a shock to some new NPO’s on the block) the ‘business’ year is NEVER over!

I am quite sure that all established and smooth-running NPO’s have already finished their fundraising strategies for the new year. Newsflash: this is something you should start doing in July already, although you’ll understand that, for the small-fry orgs like my own where you are one person doing EVERYTHING from social media to marketing  to thank you letters and delivery of donations, the year simply flew past and here we are, in December, no less and NO PLAN YET!


I don’t mean to freak you out, DO keep a cool head and read this post to the end…you can thank me later.

Here we are then, nearly mid-December and I’m still tying up loose ends, sending out notes and scheduling posts so that my donors and beneficiaries don’t think I disappeared to Mars or something. Forever optimistic, I KNOW that all will be well in the end…and it will be. Have a look at what I found!

I discovered this brilliant slideshow by Sandy Rees on LinkedIn:  SlideShare. It may seem a bit dated, but the basics remain the same across the board. She goes through the process of planning your annual fundraising strategy or your once-off fundraiser  step by step, asks questions that will point you in the right direction and give ideas on how to deal with problems that may arise during the process.

She suggests these 6 steps:


In addition she also suggests that one should look back in order to plan ahead…what happened during your last fundraiser? If it failed: what did you do wrong? What should you change?

You can find the original slideshow here. If you are stuck with your fundraising strategy, you REALLY MUST have a look at this…it is indeed a brilliant. Good luck!!!!



REES, Sandy.  2013.  6 Simple Steps to a Written Fundraising Plan.  [Web:]  [Date of Access:] December 9, 2016.