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Technology is here to stay, that’s for sure and it’s rapid development over the past few years have opened the world for many of us.

NGO’s and NPO’s in rural areas have been reaping the benefits of utilizing this amazing resource. Nonprofit Tech for Good Founder, Heather Mansfield, have published the 2018 Global NGO Technology Report and it shows how NGO’s use web and email communications, social media, online fundraising tools, mobile technology, etc. The report is based on surveys done by more than 5,300 NGO’s around the world [Philantropy Circuit: 2018].

The infographic above summarizes this report.


PHILANTROPY CIRCUIT.  2018.  New insights on how African NGO’s use technology today.  Short link –





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Most nonprofits I know in South Africa have receive the minimum funding. They mostly rely on donations from the public, which can often be few and far apart. Are you one of those??? Do you struggle to support your cause?

You can definitely up your exposure by launching a public relations campaign. I know, I can already hear you saying: “But we can hardly afford to keep the NPO afloat! How can we afford to launch an expensive and effective PR campaign?”

Jeff Baxt has the answer with five easy AND FREE tools you can use to get your PR campaign going.

Things like connecting on Social Media platforms and signing up for daily news are things we rarely think of when considering a PR campaign, however, Baxt shows you just how essential it can be in building relationships and keeping on top of news relating to your cause. You can read all about these five tools here.


BAXT, Jeff.  n.d. Five free things to help create a shoestring PR Campaign.  [Web:]  The Nonprofit Center at La Salle University’s School of Business.  [Date of Access:]  June 20, 2017.


The anatomy of asking in nonprofit management

If you are like me, asking for help is REALLY hard. In a nonprofit asking for donations means survival of the cause.

Strange then that I chose this job, isn’t it? Me, who always want to do  things on my own.

These days, with the world economy in shambles, asking is especially difficult. The thing is, the worst that could happen is that someone say ‘no’ and you should not take it personally. Many people would love to help, but they can barely get by themselves, so one needs to have a little empathy for that.

The point is, if you DON’T ASK you will never get ANY donations. So ask, and leave it at that. Don’t expect people to give, because they don’t owe you or your cause anything. What they give will be straight from the heart and you need to respect that and show appreciation.

I share this infographic I found, showing you the ‘secrets’ of asking in the right way to get donors interested in your cause.



Image via Nonprofit Hub.

The Future of Social Activism


Image via Column Five Media

In a previous article I mentioned the importance of focusing on our marketing strategies with specific attention to the millennials. How do we engage them and keep them engaged?

This infographic by TakePart clearly points out that young people do care about the causes close to their heart and how they manage to go beyond just spreading the word but how “they’re taking real action in ways that companies and organizations should take note of.”[Column Five Media:2012]

For more infographics and other TakePart projects, click here.

Want inspiration to create killer content that will draw people to your blog? Join forces with Column Five Media. Click here


COLUMN FIVE MEDIA.  2012.  Infographic: The future of Social Activism.  [Web:]  [Date of Access:] November 23, 2016.



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How many times have you wondered if marketing your charitable causes actually leads to donations and new donors? I’ve often thought that I’m simply wasting my time asking for this and that on social media, despite receiving responses on and off. Fortunately, even if I am doing this wrong, I’m the kind of person who will NEVER STOP asking.

All this is good and fine, but what about the future? I am sure we are all pouring over our year planner, discussing scheduling, time tables, appointments, events and campaigns. Question is: what is your strategy going to be? Keep in mind that we are now moving into a new generation of donors. I cannot rely on donations from my loyal contributors at the old age home anymore, they may not even be with us anymore! Neither can we rely on those up and coming entrepeneurs and business owners who supported us throughout the years, many of them are retiring, handing over management to younger people. We are in unchartered waters, people!! And we need to GET WITH THE NEW GENERATION’S PROGRAM or we will do like the dinosaurs…..NonProfits will become extinct!!

Zach Shefska is Product Manager at Fundraising Report Card, a division of MarketSmart. The Fundraising Report Card is a free analytics and visualization tool made just for nonprofits…..AND HE IS A MILLENIAL!! But NOT only THAT, he is a millennial with INSIGHT! He wrote the article: How to get Millenials to give to your NonProfit as told by a Millenial [Shefska:2016] for and shares his ideas on how we can involve the new generation in our efforts to market our NPO’s and NGO’s. His pointers are invaluable and a MUST READ.

You remember a while back people were in a frenzy about SnapChat? Well, millennials live on ShapChat, but that is not necessarily the place to engage them in charity. Shefska says it so well in his article: “If I (the 21 year old millennial) received a “selfie” from a representative of any organization, for-profit or nonprofit, I would immediately be “creeped out.” The saying “any publicity is good publicity” generally holds true, but you don’t really want some 20-something-year-old taking a screenshot your snapchat selfie and reposting it on Twitter with the hashtag “#omgwhy.” That just isn’t where your time, money or energy should be spent.” [Shefska:2016]

I had to smile, isn’t he brilliant? He also holds that millennials are so busy that they simply don’t have time to read long e-mails and will much rather skim over their Twitter account than settle down in front of the old laptop and strain their eyes for half an hour to read a pleading mail from a charity. These ‘skimming’ moments should be used effectively and NonProfits will do well to work on the visual presentation of their posts and campaigns. Their tweets and instragram posts need to POP, so that the young people can take note.

Three important things need to be remembered about millennials:

  • They want to SEE where there contributions are going
  • They like to donate when it’s CONVENIENT for them
  • You will need to ASK them to donate [Shefska:2016]

I know most of the organizations I work with already do this type of follow-through; keeping the donor involved until the donation reached its destination. But the way we present our campaigns, the way we ASK must change. Social media is here to stay, people, and we can do but one thing – use it and USE IT CONSTRUCTIVELY!

In the end it is simply common sense; the world changed, the people changed, and we have to adapt our strategies if we want to stay in business.

I urge you to read Zach Shefska’s article in full. If you don’t, you will miss a wonderful opportunity of getting to know your younger audience. He gives very important pointers at how to approach the millennials. Click here to read the article.


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10 Steps to a Successful Nonprofit Social Media Strategy: a Webinar by Julia Campbell


This webinar was offered by The Giving Common, an initiative of the Boston Foundation in October 2016. Presented by the social media guru, Julia Campbell, nonprofits will learn that simply setting up an account with Google+ or Twitter or Facebook, simply doesn’t cut it.

In our modern society, where social media is slowly, but surely taking command of every action, every word and every campaign you run, one can simply not ignore the value of having a powerful social media presence.

“In this webinar, Julia will take you through the 10 necessary steps you need to create a viable social media strategy for your nonprofit. She will review specific tactics and examples of nonprofits small and large that are successfully using social media to drive engagement and awareness of their organizations.” [Campbell:2016]

You can watch the webinar on Vimeo here:


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83 Amazing Fundraising Ideas via @2xdonation

2017 is upon us and what are you planning to do about fundraising for your non-profit this new year?

Double the Donation has an extensive ‘library’ of ideas, incentives and affiliations that can help you find the perfect means to generate funds for your cause.

From crowdfunding and Amazon Affiliates to carwashing and raffles, you will find something that suit your donor base.

Have a look here if you just want to perk up your fundraising angle. It is always a good idea to introduce something new and fresh to draw the crowds and inspire your donors.

Want to rewrite your fundraising strategy? Double the Donation will definitely have the perfect idea to implement and get those donors into a giving mood. Click here for the best fundraising ideas ever.


DOUBLE THE DONATION.  83 Amazing fundraising ideas.  [Web:]  [Date of Access:]  October 13, 2016.