@DignityDreams has a new leader #SouthAfrica #MenstrualHealthMatters

Dignity Dreams recently announced that Sharon Gordon will be taking over the reigns after the shocking death of Sandra Millar. She will continue Sandra’s work and, together with the team,  their efforts will honor their late captain by striving to raise awareness about the sensitive subject of menstruation.


You can contribute to Dignity Dreams via EFT and help them to bring reusable sanitary pads to girls all over South Africa. Have a look at their new banking details below:


If you have questions, please visit www.dignitydreams.com.



Remember our #WinterWarmerProject!! You have time until 30 June to donate blankets and soup (or warm clothing).
Please help us keep #Pretoria warm this winter!

The Ilze Halliday Foundation

Winter Warmer Project 2017

The winter has arrived in South Africa and all over the country we are unpacking our electric blankets, heaters and scores of warm, fluffy throws. We gather in front of the fire at night with our fingers folded around warm mugs of soup and hot chocolate, comfortable in the knowledge that our beds will be warm and our sleep peaceful.

Unfortunately there are plenty individuals in the community who simply do not have this privilege. They have no warm fires, soup or hot chocolate, much less soft blankets to cover them during those bitter cold nights.

I therefore ask you to support our project this winter. The blankets and soup we collect will be handed out to the homeless in the Northern suburbs of Pretoria. We will also share with Lethabong Daycare Centre and Thlokomelang Community Centre for the Aged in Mabopane.

Please bring your blankets and soup to our…

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Doing their bit for @67Blankets at #Tlhokomelang


Just two weeks ago Kabelo collected donated wool from me and look how far the group has come!! She took the initiative when she noticed that the elderly in the community was becoming a bit bored and feeling unworthy. As they already had the skills to crochet, I thought doing something for 67 Blankets will be perfect to fill their empty hours.

Well, both the ladies and the gentleman surprised me with their enthusiasm.

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Thank you to the elderly at Thlokomelang in Mabopane for doing your bit to give back to the community.

Robert, who donated the wool would be so pleased to know that it is being put to good use. Very soon I’ll be making a trip to the centre to pick up the squares, which will be sewn into blankets to give warmth and comfort to the needy.




Tips on running a successful fundraising campaign


Image via classy.org

On the eve of the launch of our annual ‘Winter Warmer Campaign’, I want to share some insights about the 8 best ways to run a campaign.

Written by the skilled Allison Gauss, classy.org’s article roadmaps the campaign’s different phases, for instance:

1. A Skillful Soft Launch

2. Put the Campaign Brand Front and Center

3.Send Fundraisers a Tip Sheet

4. Create a Donation Page Branded to the Campaign

5. Set Up a Matching Period

6. Link Donations with Relevant Impact

7. Create a Campaign Video

8. Celebrate Successes – For You and Your Fundraisers!

All these phases are discussed in detail and, a bonus, you can download their Ultimate Campaign Planning Kit.

Click here to read the article and………ENJOY!!


Allison Gauss.  n.d.  8 Surefire Ways to Run a Successful Fundraising Campaign.  [Web:] classy.org  [Date of Access:] 23 May 2017.



Seeking lifepurpose in a brokenworld

This has been the question on my mind for a while now. Why should we care about the poor, the powerless, the broken and needy? I mean, look at the world…you try to help one person and a million others starve, because the powers that should, in fact, take responsibility for their welfare, cannot do […]

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