Jericho Recovery Centre needs your help


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Jericho Recovery Centre is situated in the breathtaking hills of the Eastern Free State. A spectacular view of the Maluti Mountains adds to the beauty of the Centre. There business is,  however, deadly serious.

If you suffer from addiction, this is the place to go. You will not only receive the best care there is, but you will have the opportunity to recover in a secluded, breathtaking and peaceful place. The surrounding fields and mountains will provide ample opportunities for introspection, healing and, most important, close conversation with God.

If you, or a loved one, feel the need to recover, this is the place. Blow the dust and smog from your mind and find new life in Christ here, amidst His beautiful creation.

Unfortunately the Centre has been having some challenges with crime and they urgently need to put up a fence to keep the residents and staff safe. As you can imagine, you don’t become a social worker or counselor to get rich and you don’t open a recovery Centre with profit in mind. The point is, after all, healing those who need it most is paramount.

Therefore I implore you to contribute to this endeavor. The quote they received amounted to R 77 000-00+. I’m not asking you to donate the entire amount, NEVER, but every cent helps. Donate what you can and keep them safe.

Contact Maria Venter, the resident social worker via e-mail by clicking here. Or you can visit their website here for more information.

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Support Women in Destiny Sports Event

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I’ve known Onicca Hlabela from Hammanskraal for ages. She is the ‘mother of Hammanskraal’ and started out by taking in abandoned babies. Said babies often left on her doorstep in the dead of night. She had so many children to care for that she finally started three daycare centers AND the orphanage is still going strong. You may have read about her in my previous posts. She spearheads Ditebogo, God Blessings and Lerato la Mme.

Well, this year she has definitely outdone herself and founded ‘Women in Destiny’. She got together 23 churches in the Hammanskraal area and inspired them to arrange a sporting event for more than a 1000 children.

Problem is, they need sponsors URGENTLY. The event is tentatively scheduled for March 23, 2018 and will take place at the Suurman Hall.

Without outside support this event will remain an impossible dream. Remember, this is a very poor area and the daycare centers and churches barely get by, so I am reaching out to one and all….please support this event. Give these kids a day to remember.

You can contact Onicca on +27 73 180 8371.

You can also complete the contact form below and tell me what you are prepared to donate.

The sweet little ones provided some pics which I made into a short video. Please watch it and GET IN TOUCH.

Thank you SO much for your help.

Understanding your ‘CAN DO’-power

This One Life

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#CanDo #BetterLifeBetterWorld #Inspiration #Motivation

I don’t know if it is me getting older and wiser, or just me getting older and crankier. The thing is, I’ve become a little bit irritated by everything in the world. So, I have been wondering if I’m the only one noticing these really bizarre things.

Have you noticed, for instance, that everyone on social media seems happy, yet the world is now more filled with depression and suicide than ever before in history? Not to mention the enormous increase in drug and alcohol abuse AND the growing rate of prescriptions for anti-depressants, mood stabilizers and sleeping pills. Never before have I been so bombarded by meme’s proclaiming that kindness, compassion and love is the way, however the world remains to be a boiling cauldron of war, famine, poverty, abuse, pain and suffering, while those that are supposed to bring change, just keep…

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#AugustKindnessChallenge #Day19

dAY 19

It is Saturday. You are (hopefully) NOT working, so why don’t you take the time to listen to someone. Ask you spouse or partner about his or her week, or the kids about school. Don’t seem distracted, LISTEN carefully what they say. Be interested, ask questions, discuss problems.

You will be surprised how little time we spend just LISTENING to others. We are so busy with our own thoughts, lives and work that we hear everything in passing. It is as if other people’s words are tuned out, their voices turning into background noise.

Take the time to listen today. You may learn something new or just find comfort in the sense of companionship listening brings. Others will appreciate your attention and it will make them feel you really care and that they are actually important.

Yes, you’re right at guessing that your wide open ears may give someone else’s self esteem a boost.

Enjoy it and remember to share your stories!!!



A Reminder: #MMM – Massive Mandela Masterpiece


You’ve heard about this before, I know, but I am now REMINDING you that time is CRUCIAL!! If you want to get involved in this project, the time is NOW!

Perhaps you will remember our record a few years back, when we laid out blankets, received from far and wide, at Drakenstein Correctional Centre in Paarl. A massive 10 324 blankets covered an area of 17 181 sqm and we slammed the world record. Phew, what a wonderful day that was. You can read the article here.


Image via SABC News.

Next year, however, we aim to make THE LARGEST PORTRAIT BLANKET IN THE WORLD!!!!! Our #MMM (Massive Madiba Masterpiece).

The idea is to lay out the blanket on 24 April 2018 to mark 24 years of democracy. The residents at Zonderwater Correctional Centre in Cullinan is on board to help us create enough squares and blankets to achieve our goal of 1 764 blankets. This portrait blanket will measure 4 515sqm and special permission has been granted from Correctional Services to photograph it from the air. Can you IMAGINE how amazing that will be?

I’ve also heard whispers that management is trying to convince space authorities to get us a glimpse of this masterpiece from space! So, let’s hope and pray they are successful, because THAT will truly be remarkable.

The blanket will consist of:

964 Grey blankets
480 Black blankets
84 Red blankets
76 Yellow blankets
84 Blue blankets
76 Green blankets

Each blanket must measure exactly 160cm/160cm or, if you are making squares: 20cm/20cm.

You can either knit or crochet, but your measurements MUST be exact, as each blanket will become a  ‘pixel’ in the photograph.

The wool we use is Pullskein DK & Charity DK. The colour codes are as follows:

Light Grey (59) & Silver Grey (011)
Black (01) & Black (017)
Red (13) & Red (136)
Yellow (62) & Bright Yellow (138)
Royal Blue (05) & Royal Blue (008)
Bright Green (63) & Emerald Green (022)

Our Chief Knitwit, Carolyn Steyn encourages us all to take part in this once-in-a-lifetime event. This is your chance to make a difference and DO something that can change the world. She says: “Long live the Knitting Revolution for Madiba!!!! Let’s ROCK this project for the entire world to witness how we are keeping the legacy of our late great father of our nation, Tata Madiba (and the ideals for which he stood) alive with each and every stitch we make with our own two hands.” [Facebook]

So, have you decided yet? Are you going to make a grey blanket or two, or six??? Visit and pledge your blanket. You can also drop in on our Facebook Page or contact your local ambassador for more info. (Find your local ambassador here.)

Alternatively, complete the contact form below and I will get back to you ASAP.

Keep in mind that you need not do the crocheting or knitting yourself. Many people can’t, but that doesn’t mean you cannot pledge a blanket or squares. You can sponsor someone (a friend, family member, lady at your local old age home) by purchasing the wool and having her or him do the work. You can ALSO just donate the needed wool and drop it off at your local ambassador.

Come on, people, let’s DO this!



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