Daily Kindspiration: Amy Leigh Mercree

17 March

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Santa Shoebox Project 2018: Ready, Set, Gooooo!!

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Think I’m crazy?? Talking about Christmas giving this early in the year?? Well, friends and loyal donors, the busy SSB worker bees have not been asleep the past few months.

Can you believe that, ever since this project started, we’ve managed to collect 762 594 boxes! This achievement would have been totally impossible if not for our donors who manage to, year after year, find the time and funds to fill shoeboxes to give to those who have none. YOU DID THIS! Despite a declining economy, despite NOT having time, YOU MANAGED!! So, thank you a thousand times over.

You may find this surprising, but registration for the 2018 project opens in April and already I have more than 40 new facilities lined up in Pretoria alone. I got my first call on New Year’s eve 2017 and the word spread like wildfire in the townships.

You will therefore understand this call for action. If you want to support our project this year, there is simply  no time like the present to start putting together those fillers. Remember the compulsory items:

  • Toothpaste and toothbrush
  • Facecloth and soap
  • A toy
  • Something sweet
  • Educational supplies
  • Clothing

Be on the lookout for end-of-season sales and pounce when you see a special. Purchase in bulk and you may be surprised at how many items you have collected come pledging time.

This year, the entire schedule will be changed and you will have to keep your eyes peeled for updates on when to pledge and when to drop off your boxes.

Remember, we aim to eventually reach 1 million children across South Africa and Namibia and YOU can be part of this remarkable moment. The moment when the young ones here, on the southern most tip of Africa, can all smile in unison, because someone actually cared enough to pack a gift box for them especially.

Are you ready then? Let’s all join hands in this campaign to bring joy to the littlest angels in our country.

Daycares, orphanages, places of safety and community centres, if you want to become beneficiaries, please make sure you apply online during April.

If you want more information, feel free to visit www.santashoebox.org.za or complete the contact form below.

Images source: Santa Shoebox Project website: Photo gallery – bit.ly/2HrwMnV

Nonprofit fundraising: new trends

12 March

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Technology continues to develop and many of us can barely keep up. Fortunately for nonprofits, this opens up a whole new means of fundraising.

The South African Institute for Fundraising (SAIF) explains the various means that can be employed to raise funds.

  1. The importance of using mobile devices and making websites, etc mobile friendly.
  2. Encourage monthly giving, which makes it easier for a donor to spread his or her donation over 12 months. This makes giving affordable and ensures a steady income for the nonprofit.
  3. Grow your list of donors. Have people sign up via e-mail, social media and other channels at your disposal.
  4. Do invest in Social Media. It is an easier way to update donors and attract prospective sponsors and supporters. It will also show your followers that ‘things are happening’ and that your nonprofit is not stagnant.
  5. Facebook is especially effective. With video uploads and sharing possibilities you can reach far more people than just your listed donors.
  6. Peer to peer fundraising and crowdfunding are helpful tools and, especially peer to peer, has been used successfully for years. Get your volunteers and supporters to spread the word and raise funds for your cause or start a crowdfunding campaign online, using one of the many available platforms.

You can continue to read the full article here.


SAIF. Article: How nonprofits can raise more money: 6 trends to watch. Web: http://www.saifundraising.org.za/how-nonprofits-can-raise-more-money-6-trends-to-watch/  Shortlink: bit.ly/2FDdj3e