These 5 Things Can Make NonProfit Marketers More Effective


Via @cmicontent by @joepulizzi

Are you using a content marketing strategy in your efforts to raise funds and/or awareness for your non-profit? Joe Pulizzi describes the importance of documenting your strategy and also accentuates that a non-profit must have a well documented editorial mission statement. He says: “An editorial mission statement clearly defines who your audience is and how your content will help it. For the first time, we asked nonprofit marketers if they have documented editorial mission statements, and 30% said they do. Of the most effective marketers, 42% have such a statement, while only 21% of the least effective have one.” [Pulizzi:2015]

The success of a your marketing efforts will depend on how well you have planned and documented your content strategy. Whether you use two, four or six different social platforms is of no consequence and cannot guarantee the success of any campaign.

Have a look a the statistics compiled by the Content Marketing Institute here. The research proves that any strategy, no matter how hard you work at it, will only be effective once it is properly planned and written down.

Pulizzi also states that non-profits should never give up, despite their unsuccessful attempts at marketing and he explains the levels of growth in great detail.

Reading the article can be very helpful to those who are still learning the ropes of social media and content marketing. Click here to read the full article and download the 16-page guide to content marketing.


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