The 50-50 #fundraiser, a sure-fire way to raise money via @Fundraise_Ideas #Charity #NPO

The 50 50 Raffle Fundraiser has got to be the easiest fundraising idea there is. It is honestly so simple and easy to setup, it’s quite remarkable!

So Why is it so Easy?

  • No stocking or selling products people don’t want,
  • No need to find or purchase prizes…
  • Just sell raffle tickets, and the winner receives 50% of the proceeds from the raffle sales!!! Or 50% is split between a few winners. For example, 30% for 1st prize, 15% for 2nd, and 5% for 3rd.

How simple and easy is that?!

Want to find out exactly  how to do this? Click here for full article.



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83 Amazing Fundraising Ideas via @2xdonation

2017 is upon us and what are you planning to do about fundraising for your non-profit this new year?

Double the Donation has an extensive ‘library’ of ideas, incentives and affiliations that can help you find the perfect means to generate funds for your cause.

From crowdfunding and Amazon Affiliates to carwashing and raffles, you will find something that suit your donor base.

Have a look here if you just want to perk up your fundraising angle. It is always a good idea to introduce something new and fresh to draw the crowds and inspire your donors.

Want to rewrite your fundraising strategy? Double the Donation will definitely have the perfect idea to implement and get those donors into a giving mood. Click here for the best fundraising ideas ever.


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Quick Fundraising Ideas


Original article by @elizchung @classy

Want to perk up your fundraising? Elizabeth Chung shares some quick ideas for fast fundraising campaigns that is fun, interesting and quite easy to plan.

Have a read here and find out how you can generate funds with your chef skills, arranging a scavenger hunt or selling second hand items.

Not only does ms Chung mention some wonderfully creative ideas, she also shares a guide filled with fundraising tips, fresh ideas and, in addition to that, she spoils the reader with, what she calls, ‘The Ultimate Campaign Planning Kit’.

Don’t waste any time! Go to now, download your precious fundraising ideas and campaign kit and start planning that campaign!


CHUNG, Elizabeth.  25 Quick Fundraising Ideas for Nonprofits. [Web:] [Date of Access:] October 12, 2016.

NonProfit Strategic Plan Guide

Via @EveryActionHQ by @MarcellaVitulli205043e9-2427-409b-8e2b-0beb50d87630

We all know that you cannot simply wake up one morning and think that, yes, today will be a brilliant day to raise funds for charity. While it may work, I can guarantee that it will not turn out exactly like you would like it to.

Most successful strategies in life require careful planning. You would, for instance, not wait until a day before your daughter’s birthday to start planning her party, would you? Details are important and, despite the fact that non-profits are not businesses per se, its actions needs to be planned well in advance to ensure success. Each campaign budget carefully laid out, each step planned and scheduled.

Marcella Vitulli says: “The best fundraising strategic plan tells a complete, organized, and analytics-based story that your team can actually use to help your campaign be more successful. We created this guide to help you build just that.” [Vitulli:2016]

Ms Vitulli makes it easier for us by sharing this informative guide to strategically plan your next fundraising campaign. Have a look here….its a long read, but worth the time and effort.

Happy fundraising!


VITULLI, MARCELLA.  2016.  The 2016 Non Profit Strategic Plan Guide.  [Web:]  [Date of Access:] October 12, 2016.




10 Fundraising Ideas you haven’t thought of

While I don’t really wish to travel to far off countries to assist with aid (not that I wouldn’t consider doing it….given the opportunity I’d probably jump at the chance!), the information below can still be valuable while doing charity work right here in my community.

For those of you wishing to make a difference in places like Nepal, Kenya, Syria, wherever…..have a read, you may find these fundraising ideas helpful for your next mission.

[Excerpt only: read full article here.]

These 10 fundraising ideas will take your mission trip fundraising to the next level. Leave the carwash posters and silent auction items at home!

1) Get social with your support “letter”

2) Make a “Pick a Number”

#2: Pick a Number


3) Partner with a restaurant

4) Host a house party


5) Setup a Facebook group

6) Seek local business sponsors


7) Sell stuff on eBay

8) Sell custom t-shirts

9) Start a blog


10) Use a fundraising website



Written by CJ for @prepmymission 10 Fundraising ideas you haven’t thought of