#DailyKindspiration #Acts20:25


#AugustKindnessChallenge #Day22

Day 22

I know it is not payday yet for most of you, but if you have some spare change taking up space in your wallet, why not share it with someone on the street.

Do you have a beggar playing guitar on the sidewalk or one that regularly hangs around the bins in your local park? They will stretch your, seemingly meager, donation further than you may think. Your ‘few cents’ will perhaps pay for a loaf of bread and the poor soul will be able to eat for a change.

So, come on, dig out those coins and give it to someone who will use it well. You won’t do anything with it anyway, would you? Who knows? Perhaps your handful of nickel will change the beggar’s life.






#AugustKindnessChallenge #Day 18

Day 18

You’ve all seen them, those beggars with the ‘Will work for food’-signs at the street corners. Why not take an apple or a sandwich from the kitchen today. While you’re picking up the kids from school or on your way to work, just roll down your window and give the food to him or her.

Yes, I can hear you saying: “But they don’t want food, they want money. They want to spend it on drugs and drink…”…and so on. That, my friends, is NOT YOUR PROBLEM. As long as you take the time to give something to that person, however it is received is of no consequence.

Remember, giving with a good, honest heart, without expecting anything in return is very fulfilling. The point is that you made the effort.

Good luck!! And share your stories of kindness. Complete the contact form below and tell your story.


What are you giving on #MandelaDay2017?


Tomorrow we celebrate Mandela Day. We remember the remarkable life of a true ‘father of a nation’, our dear Madiba. Despite his passing away, his legacy will live forever in our hearts. A legacy of justice, respect, love, giving, caring, acceptance, decency and gratitude. Quite a mouthful of virtues, but the truth. Always an advocate for the destitute, he set an example for his fellow South Africans and, as indeed for the entire world.

Through him we learned that by reaching out in humility to those in need, even a simple act of ¬†kindness can bring about global change. Whether you touch the life of one or a multitude of lives, it doesn’t matter. The point is, to humbly give, without judgement and prejudice, with love and kindness.

What are you doing this Mandela Day?

If you have NO idea how to be part of the giving spirit tomorrow, allow me to share some ideas.

  • Support The Sweethearts Foundation by collecting 67 bottle tops and tags or spend 67 minutes collecting bottle tops and tags. Visit them here: www.sweetheartsfoundation.org to find your local drop off point.
  • Donate wool to 67 Blankets for Nelson Mandela Day, giving our knitwits the means to create blankets, scarves and beanies for those who need something warm during the cold winter months. Find your local ambassador here:¬†www.67blankets.co.za.
  • Purchase a Dignity Pack from Dignity Dreams and help a girl stay in school, despite having her monthly menstruation cycle. Buy one online here.
  • Start filling a shoebox with items needed to bring some joy to a child over the festive season in support of the Santa Shoebox Project. You can pledge your box in September and take it to your local drop-off in October. Find out more about this initiative here.
  • Donate clothes, linen, books, educational supplies, food, blankets, etc to our organization. We will ensure distribution to those whom we support, which includes around 84 facilities in South Africa. (Complete the contact form below.)

Still not sure how to be part of Mandela Day? Well, here are some more ideas:

  • Find an old age home in your community and drop in during the day. Take some snacks if you like. I’m sure some of the elderly will appreciate your company.
  • Know of a needy daycare centre in your area? Pay them a visit and take some sweets for the children. Sit down with them and read a book or play with them for a while.
  • If you know a family in your community is having a tough time making ends meet, why not prepare a meal and drop it off at their house tomorrow?
  • Stop at the robot for a minute and give the beggar in the street a loaf of bread or a sandwich.
  • Give the car guard in the parking lot something to eat and drink.

Remember, it is not WHAT you give, but HOW you give. Give with a spirit of gratitude for the blessings you have received. Give without expecting anything in return.

If you would like to donate to our organization (or need more information on any of the other organizations mentioned above), please complete the contact form below and we will be in touch.