ATTENTION STUDENTS AND MATRICS: Ever consider a gap-year of giving? @macfouganda

You are finished with school or your degree and wondering: ‘What next?’ Why not use your time constructively and volunteer your services at Macfo Uganda for a once in a lifetime experience? Not only will you get the opportunity to meet new people and help thousands of others, but you will have a chance to visit one of the cultural hotspots in Africa; Kampala, Uganda!

The Make Children Foundation (MaCFo) is a non-profit, non-government, non-religious organization with the general objective of improving the lives of communities through training and provision of essential services, while caring and supporting orphans and vulnerable children.

MACFO Uganda’s vision is: “A healthy and promising life for all children”.

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Their mission is to empower orphans and other vulnerable children and most at risk population and give opportunity for healthy, positive living through increased access to HIV/Aids-related information, medical care and support on all levels.

They reach out to communities in rural areas, distributing medicine, facilitating vaccinations, dropping off food hampers and educational supplies and securing the availability of fresh, clean drinking water.

You can be a part of these campaigns and help their Executive Director, Timothy Matovu, change lives every single day.

If you are interested, please get in touch with him. Click here to e-mail Timothy directly.

Come on, young people, make the decision TODAY and start making a difference TOMORROW!





Macfo Uganda Urgently Needs Volunteers


MACFO Uganda is urgently looking for volunteers to help them fulfil their duties towards the communities in and around Kampala.

MACFO (MAKE CHILDREN FOUNDATION) is a non profit, non-religious, non-Government Organization (NGO) with the general objective of improving the lives of communities through training, and provision of essential services, the necessary care and support for orphans and vulnerable children

MACFO Uganda’s vision is “A Healthy and promising life for all children”.

Their Mission is to empower orphans and other vulnerable children (OVC’s) and most at risk population (MARP’s) with healthy positive living through increased access to HIV/AIDS-related information, care and support at all levels.

We are in the process of welcoming new board members to our team as we work to improve the governance of our organization and  the partnership of many great minds working towards a worthy cause.

Personally I’ve been involved with MACFO for just under a year now, and have been impressed by their CEO, Timothy Matovu’s dedication to his work.

He supports the children during the school year by supplying necessary educational supplies, clothing and food. Furthermore he regularly runs clinics that ensure the children receives their inoculations against dreaded disease.

Just recently I’ve assisted him in launching a Christmas project called ‘Hope in a Box’. We aim to pack giftboxes for at least 83 children and do a fun handover during a pre-Christmas celebration on 17 December.

Needless to say, doing all this work is quite daunting for just one person and, despite the volunteers he currently has, he is always in need of more helping hands. The need in Uganda is tremendous and reaching out to all the different areas has become difficult for the few assistants he employs.

Watch the video about MACFO below:

This opportunity will be a once in a lifetime experience for those interested in becoming volunteers. Not only will you be helping others, but you will learn valuable skills. So, if you are considering taking a gap year after graduation, please get in touch with Timothy directly. If you are older, and still feel you wish to give back to the world, you are more than welcome to contact Tim and he will provide the necessary details.

Timothy’s contact details are as follows:

Office Phone: +256414660274
Mobile Phone: +256774607491

You can also complete the contact form on their website. Click here.

Or you can find them on Facebook or Twitter or YouTube

This is an unique opportunity for anyone who wishes to make a difference in the world. Do not waste another minute, get in touch TODAY….remember, one person’s kindness can change a life profoundly. Here is your chance!!