NonProfit Strategic Plan Guide

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We all know that you cannot simply wake up one morning and think that, yes, today will be a brilliant day to raise funds for charity. While it may work, I can guarantee that it will not turn out exactly like you would like it to.

Most successful strategies in life require careful planning. You would, for instance, not wait until a day before your daughter’s birthday to start planning her party, would you? Details are important and, despite the fact that non-profits are not businesses per se, its actions needs to be planned well in advance to ensure success. Each campaign budget carefully laid out, each step planned and scheduled.

Marcella Vitulli says: “The best fundraising strategic plan tells a complete, organized, and analytics-based story that your team can actually use to help your campaign be more successful. We created this guide to help you build just that.” [Vitulli:2016]

Ms Vitulli makes it easier for us by sharing this informative guide to strategically plan your next fundraising campaign. Have a look here….its a long read, but worth the time and effort.

Happy fundraising!


VITULLI, MARCELLA.  2016.  The 2016 Non Profit Strategic Plan Guide.  [Web:]  [Date of Access:] October 12, 2016.